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Random Hadeeths:

أںأٹأ‡أˆ أ‡أ،أ£أ›أ‡أ’أ­ : Hadeeth No:3821 : Asim Al-Ahwal:
I asked Anas bin Malik regarding Al-Qunut during the prayer. Anas replied, "Yes (Al-Qunut was said by the Prophet in the prayer)." I said, "Is it before Bowing or after Bowing?" Anas replied, "(It was said) before (Bowing)." I said, "So-and-so informed me that you told hi...

أںأٹأ‡أˆ أ‡أ،أ£أ›أ‡أ’أ­ : Hadeeth No:3739 : 'Ali:
I had a she-camel which I got in my share from the booty of the battle of Badr, and the Prophet had given me another she camel from the Khumus which Allah had bestowed on him that day. And when I intended to celebrate my marriage to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, I m...

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