BOK to PDF/EPUB/MOBI Converter files are in BOK format, which require Shamela software on Windows, and no easy solution for Linux and Mac, PDF/EPUB/MOBI formats are used across Operating Systems

Instructions (Follow these steps):
  1. Upload .bok files (or archived .rar files containing a single .bok file) by selecting or drag and drop
  2. then click "Process" for converting them to PDF
  3. watch the "Progress Monitor" for notifications, when the processing completes you will see the pdf link in the "Progress monitor"
  4. on the Book page you can click the relevant buttons to convert to EPUB (for E-Ink devices, Ebook readers, etc.) or MOBI (for Amazon Kindle, etc.)
  5. Contact us if you have any problems, with chat message or email: [email protected]
  6. Click here for Video Instructions thanks to "The Geek Aid"
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